Mesa Culpa podcast -from Evernote

With all the hate that DumbShit Orange Nazi has caused, I decided that I would not buy any books that losers write to make money off their illegal or questionable behavior.

Podcasts are different because it doesn’t involve my spending or making a contribution to anyone. This reasoning is why I tried listening to the “Mea Culpa” podcast from Michael Cohen.

I had read from sources that Cohen has turned on DumbShit Orange Nazi. Suppose this is true, good for Michael Cohen. Everyone deserves a second chance, and he certainly had explanations for hating Trump now.

I enjoy listening to Cohen because he doesn’t hold back on what he saw and thinks about trump. While I hope that his passion is genuine, there’s no way I will place any significant trust in Cohen at this time.

The Mea Culpa podcast is entertaining, and I recommend that you give it a listen and make up your mind.

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