Dealing with Incompetence

Another day, another bout with boredom and mental exhaustion for me. I’m spending the day waiting for cf oxygen to arrive that should have been here yesterday. I was pissed when the company left a note on the four but NEVER FUCKING KNOCKED. I was already out of oxygen, and they never made a return trip.

All of that stuff means that I’m stuck here waiting on the oxygen delivery for today. If I ran the medical supplies business, I would be damned sure that I got missed orders from the previous day out and delivered first thing the following morning. Unfortunately, I’m no in charge of those people, and that is why I’m still sitting here without oxygen canisters at 1300 the day after scheduled delivery. 

Thankfully, I haven’t needed oxygen so far today. We’re staying home as far as I know because we have to be here for the oxygen delivery, whenever that shows up. Being trapped is frustrating due to the sheer stupidity and incompetence of other people. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it right now. I have to stay calm and not let things upset me. Learning to keep quiet is one of those crucial things that is part of my recovery program.

Of course, I had to call late in the afternoon, and my order still couldn’t be fixed. Now I am told that it will be tomorrow before the order can be delivered. I finally told the fucking idiots that I will pick the items up in the morning since they obviously can’t perform their jobs. I am attempting to contact Anthem Blue Cross to let them know that one of their providers can not perform uncomplicated deliveries.