Monday Tasks

04 JAN 21

Today is when we finally saw our new apartment, the one we’re moving to in March. We can’t wait because both Hal and I know that there is something in this apartment or in the atmosphere here that has made me sick over the last several months.

The trip gave us a chance to enjoy some fresh air. We both agreed that it is something worth enjoying together.

Unfortunately, the first thing that today had in store was a visit from insomnia. At least I can’t blame this visit on blood sugar, which was much better last night. My sinuses were stopped up and kept me awake. No matter how many times I blew my nose to ease the congestion, my sinuses filled up almost immediately.

I noticed that the apartment’s temperature was getting cold, so I closed the window and turned the thermostat up several degrees.

The only other necessary thing we did was a stop at the grocery store for a few requirements before returning home. I needed some mushrooms for omelets and some chocolate snacks. I have developed a taste for chocolate since leaving the hospital. I am making up my mind about what meal to prepare next after finishing the delicious pork chops.

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