A Friend in the Hospital

04 JAN 2021

Hal just got a text from a friend who had her in the area over the weekend and ended up in the hospital here. I had not heard about it, and we’re trying to get more information.

They had an attack of gout that incapacitated them. I have had gout myself, and it is no laughing matter. I recommended that our friend take Black Cherry Extract capsules to control gout, but that was a few weeks ago, at least.

They didn’t take my advice. Instead, our friend went and got a prescription from the doctor and then stopped taking that medication at some point. With that knowledge, I’m not surprised that gout came roaring back and caused pain and suffering.

If we had known that he was in the local hospital, we would have visited him. If he’s still there, we’ll see him later today. I know how awful it can be lying in a hospital room all alone. It isn’t an enjoyable experience at all.

Something weird just came to my attention.

Hal mentioned that the friend might have been upset that I found out about his hospital stay through Hal. If that’s the case, then I still meant everything I said up until this point, but I then officially wash my hands of the matter.

Fuck the person if they want to be alone and get mad at Hal for telling me about it in the first place. I will gladly make time for real friends, but I no longer give a shit about those who want to play games.

What started as an expression of concern has become a rant against someone who plays games. This confusion and lack of empathy are why I’m ending this blog post right before losing my temper over someone who isn’t worth the effort.

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