Waiting for March

Waiting to Move

Hal and I saw the new apartment today. Both of us are excited about the move, but it won’t happen until March. Until then, we have to wait and try to stay healthy. Myself especially after all the respiratory problems I’ve had.

The more Hal and I dig into the situation with my health, the more likely it seems that there is something fundamentally wrong with the apartment we live in now. I’ve never been this sick in my entire life. Hal has started having issues of his own in the past few weeks. The new landlord said today that she has already had other people move from our present community to hers, who also complained about respiratory issues. I don’t believe in coincidences.

Anyway, we will have lots more room in the new apartment. The kitchen is large and open to the rest of the apartment, so I won’t feel cut off when cooking. Everything, including the building itself, is new. The neighborhood is quiet, and things shut down early beck it is near the courthouse. We will be further from the grocery store, but we’re utilizing curbside pickup and also delivery for the most part. Therefore, the distance isn’t an issue at all.

We will have a much larger washer and dryer in the new apartment, making laundry more comfortable to do. A fenced-in patio means that The Stooges can’t get out from the patio, so there’s another win.

I mentioned the kitchen. It is wide and spacious, with tons of cabinet space and pantry room as well. We will have more counter space than we know how to use. There is a huge island area around the sink that almost eliminates the need for a dining room table. We still plan to have the dining room table and chairs in the new apartment.

Since the new apartment is on the ground floor, we will invest in some curtains after moving. I believe the is the only improvement we can make when we first move in.

Return to the old routine

It seems that the friends who took the time and cared about me when I was in the hospital have returned to their everyday lives and jobs. I don’t envy them making that choice. We all have to survive, after all. It does bring me back to Earth in some ways because I had come to depend on those conversations and interactions to make me feel important in the grand scheme of things.

For the past week, I’ve wondered if this would be how things turned out. The holidays were the first thing to pull people away, and I had no right to interfere with whatever plans they already had. This first step in the separation just made the next step that much easier.

Once the newly formed bond was broken, the desire to put it back together again was lacking. No immediate attempts were made, and the lack of effort indicates that repairs won’t be made quickly.

So it is back to the old normal for me. Isolation as the rule. Luckily it is something that I’m equipped to handle without difficulty since I was already so used to it.