The pandemic has wrecked so many things during the last year. Sports has been one of those things, but somehow sports keeps getting a pass.

First of all, I see absolutely no reason for college sports to be going on now. The pandemic continues, and we still can’t implement a proper vaccination program to protect the public.

Testing is another subject that must be addressed. Why are college athletes, or any athletes, given so many tests to ensure that they are healthy when ordinary Americans can’t be tested at the same rate? Athletes are not that privileged, or at least they shouldn’t be.

Every day we hear about some game being postponed or canceled due to a positive COVID test result. Isn’t that sufficient warning that the problem needs to be addressed before implementing a half-assed solution?

We can survive without sports until the pandemic passes. If not, we must accept the responsibility for prolonging the pandemic and placing thousands of students at risk. There is no middle ground.

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