Getting My Blood Sugar Under Control

I’m struggling this evening to get my blood sugar under control before going to bed. The readings are high right now. I’ve taken some medicine and am waiting for the levels to return to normal. I know that this might take a few hours, but I want things near normal before I go to bed to sleep better.

In the past, I would go to bed and not think much about my condition. Now I know that is a terrible thing to do, and I have stopped behaving that way. I’ll measure my blood sugar again in a few minutes before taking a shower and then again afterward. If things haven’t responded after the shower, I will consider taking more medicine.

After a shower, blood sugar is still high, so I’ve taken another smaller dose of medicine, and I’ll wait until I see some results before going to bed. It’s nearly midnight, so I’ll check the blood sugar in a few minutes. Hopefully, the numbers will lower towards normal.

I’m glad to report that the numbers started dropping just before midnight. Now, I need to monitor the rate of decrease in the numbers before I go to bed. The decline is slow but steady, and that is good news. With luck, I can go to bed soon.

6 thoughts on “Getting My Blood Sugar Under Control

  1. I have found my sugar is pretty good if I eat a good lunch and very lightly after until breakfast…..hope you find a good program….happy new year….be well and be safe. chuq

    1. I’ve been on steroids since my last hospital stay and they are really wrecking my routine

      1. I’ll learn to make the right adjustments since I’ll probably be on the steroids for a few months

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