Blood Sugar Recovery

My blood sugar has gone crazy since last night. What started as “HIGH” gradually began to drop back towards regular overnight, but then it merely kept right on decreasing until it read “ LO” about 15 minutes ago.

I’ve been sippy orange juice, and now it reads 43. I hope that I can get it to settle down somewhere in the normal range soon. I’m not bothering with eating unless the blood sugar drops again.

Until the blood sugar levels stabilize, Hal and I aren’t going anywhere. The risk of passing out or just a momentary loss of control are just too significant to risk.

The blood sugar level is finally back to 77, which is good. Now, it has to stabilize somewhere in the excellent range before the day moves forward. The first step is stabilizing things.

Hal is taking advantage of my situation to catch up on his sleep right now. I can’t blame him because he does deserve all the rest he can get. I won’t disturb him, and if he wants to get out, we certainly will when he’s ready.

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