As a tie-in to another post, it’s just after 0330, and I’m awake due to blood sugar issues. That isn’t the main reason I decided to write a separate article, though. The last several days have proven to be rather lonely here. Everyone who isn’t sick has gone quiet, and the superb communication I enjoyed has dried up.

I don’t take this personally. Everyone has their holiday issues to contend with. I’m not a high priority to them unless I go back into the hospital or my condition takes a turn for the worse. I would rather have no contact than go through that again.

In the grand scheme of things, my loneliness is, in fact, the normal condition. The sudden flurry of activity was the exception that stood out so boldly. It made me feel important for a time, and I’m grateful for that. Now normalcy has returned, and I’m adjusting once again.

I suppose I should be grateful that this shift takes me back to a condition that seems normal. The rapid change from popular to invisible would be unbearable if it were something unusual in the first place. As things stand, it is the sudden shift taking me back to an initial condition that I was used to that makes this situation endurable at all.

I recognize that the interest has dried up and won’t return. I will attempt to maintain contact for some time until I can graciously stop the effort without appearing ungrateful or upset. After that, my life returns to what always passes as expected, and that is laser-focused on Hal and The Stooges.

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