Starting 2021

A New Year’s Day Summary

I slept like a rock for an additional four hours this morning, and the only reason I woke up was my blood glucose level dropped under my threshold. I managed to find my laptop, as I promised to do, now I have to locate the power cord to get it fully charged. Until then, I’ll keep writing on the iPhone.

There are no plans for today. I don’t care about the holiday itself. So far, there has been nothing said about any of the parades that Hal watches typically. I don’t consider that any significant loss to the nation. I have no plans to watch any college football game either. It just feels like there should be different priorities for 2021. We need to get the pandemic under control, but that should be more achievable with some real leadership than a republiKKKans Nazi and his sycophants ignoring the problem. Thankfully, those losers will be out of power within the next three weeks. Their lack of concern for the nation and their slavish devotion to a total idiot speaks volumes about their lack of character.

I’m slowly sipping orange juice, trying to get my blood glucose levels back to normal. In a few minutes, I’ll commence the search for the power supply for my laptop. I’m sure Hal stored it somewhere that he knows. There’s no point in rushing through this. I want to maintain my cool as much as possible. Staying calm is something that I want to do for my own physical and emotional benefit, an aspect of life that I had neglected in the past. It is time to refocus on things I can control, rather than worry about things I can not control.

Hal quickly found the laptop power supply that I need. I decided to listen to more of my Depeche Mode playlist from yesterday to help pass the time this morning. I haven’t decided on which artist I’ll select next for a new playlist. There’s no rush for that right now. Once the laptop charges up, I’ll switch to typing there and give the iPhone a break.

It will soon be time to think about lunch here. I have to decide what I would like to eat and then do something about it. Everyone is either sleeping in or otherwise occupied and unable to talk right now. That’s fine with me. I hope that all of the people I usually text are all happy and safe this morning.

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