I’m so relaxed this morning that it’s proving rather tricky to get myself motivated to do anything. I’m trying to figure out what to have for lunch, and that’s proving to be extremely difficult. Motivation eludes me right now. I feel fine, but somehow like I’m trapped and can’t escape right now.

Per an omelet will brighten my mood and get me going for the day. There are extra mushrooms from yesterday’s cooking to add to the ham, onion, and green pepper that I would already use in my omelet. It sounds delicious, and the price is right – free.

At least I took my morning medicine and also plugged in the laptop to charge up the battery so I can use it later today.

I just watched an old movie while Hal was on the phone, so his siblings. Now I’m seriously considering ordering Chinese food for later this afternoon. However, the more I think about ordering food, the less likely I am to do it. Instead, I’m enjoying the pork chop casserole dish that I made yesterday. My cooking is still delicious, even if I am biased.

I think that I will find things to eat here rather than ordering anything for delivery. It’s about saving money and being smart. Nothing we with starting 2021 and saving some money as well.

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