Wednesday is here. I have no plans for the day, but I’m ready to accommodate Hal if he has to do anything at all. I’m strong enough to drive him places and at least wait in the car while he handles whatever he needs to do. I will set aside time to cook the pork chops today. 

Perhaps we will decide to do something together at some point tomorrow, but there’s no read to rush things. Resting and recovering my strength is still a top priority for me. I’m now working on hitting 2500 steps per day. I have maintained an advancement goal each day, and I feel more potent as a result. 

If we do anything at all today ill be satisfied. If we don’t, I’ll be satisfied as well. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last four months, it is to be content and happy with how things are rather than wishing for them to be different. 

I know that contentment is a crucial ingredient to being happy, just like learning to control my temper, learning to be happy is a choice that only I can make.

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