Grateful to Hal

I’m taking the time to express my gratitude and love to my partner of nearly 21 years, Hal. Without him, I would be dead. That’s not an exaggeration because he took charge while I was hospitalized and good the doctors to do what had to be done to save my life. Hal agreed to let the doctors place me into a medically induced coma since I was experiencing kidney failure and was unconscious anyway. 

Hal also consented to have me moved to another hospital in Richmond that had the necessary facilities to help me. I had a breathing tube inserted and was transported while in the coma. I experienced terrible hallucinations while I was unconscious. Eventually, I might write about them, but I’m still scarred from those images. 

I was revived after nearly four days in the coma and was on continuous dialysis for another three days when I wasn’t allowed any food or water except through a tube. I was having trouble regaining and maintaining consciousness.

Eventually, I recovered enough to understand what had happened to me. I knew then that Hal saved my life. I would have died without his decision making under tremendous pressure. 

I was in the hospital for another two weeks trying to get better so a biopsy could be performed on me. The biopsy was finally completed, and I was discharged from the hospital two days later. 

In the meantime, I found out that my coworkers set up a find me account directed specifically for Hal. Since Hal can not drive due to his vision, he was forced to travel to the hospital in Richmond via Uber, costing him nearly $70 for a one-way trip. He couldn’t manage that for long. I am so grateful to everyone who helped to set that up for Hal. 

Once I got home, the recovery began. I was fragile and unable to perform the most simple tasks. Hal took control once again. He made me promise to obey his instructions, and I agreed. 

Hal put together a structured plan for my recovery that was relatively tame, to be honest. He explained that I was going to over-exert myself while I was so weak. Anything I wanted to do or even try to do, had to be approved by Hal first. Hal’s decision took the pressure off of me, but I didn’t realize how important that was at the time. It was four days at home before Hal felt I was strong enough to stand and have a full shower. He was right because I nearly fainted on the first attempt anyway.

Here I am two weeks later, and the recovery is still a work in progress. I’m much stronger now, but I still have vertigo bouts if I stand or move too quickly. Hal has allowed me to drive to and from appointments. I can do more tasks around the apartment, but only with Hal nearby if something happens to me. 

The doctors I have followed up with over the past two weeks have all expressed their pleasure at how well I am recovering. I always let them know that it is due to Hal, not myself.

Without Hal, I would be dead. I can not say it any more clearly.

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