Cooking Time

Either tomorrow or Wednesday, it will be time for me to cook in the Instant Pot once again. I plan on cooking 2-3 pork chops with cream of mushroom soup and egg noodles for about 12-15 minutes to have a wonderful meal that will last for several days. 

My appetite has been peculiar since leaving the hospital. I haven’t eaten as much as I did in the past, and I’ve lost 20 pounds as a result. I don’t we to gain it all back, so I have to watch what and how much I eat at any given time. 

The peculiar thing is that some foods no longer taste as good as they used to, which seems strange to me. It doesn’t seem that anything is wrong, just different. 

My changing appetite is the reason I want to cook more now that I’m home. Not to mention that cooking at home is cheaper and I can have what I want more often. There are a few things in the refrigerator that I’ll try to finish off first before cooking the pork chops, but I’m not waiting longer than Wednesday. 

Changing my eating habits is a necessary thing as I recover and get better. I have to accept that as a changing part of my life going forward. I feel better carrying around 20 fewer pounds, and I want to keep that weight off permanently.

Trying Our Patience

We can not leave this apartment soon enough. The list of problems continues to grow longer by the day. A bathroom leak still hasn’t been repaired after four days. Repeated calls get nothing other than expressions of concern, or worse, no one answers the call at all.

We will be in the new apartment before the end of March. That seems like forever right now, but we have to wait things out. At least we are going to a new building which should not be full of problems like the place we are in right now.

Creating a Rush playlist

Since I’m done with the doctor’s appointment today, I can focus on creating a playlist for the afternoon and evening. 

Rush is my choice for today. There are no other bands that combined musicianship and talent so effortlessly. It is a shame that the great Neil Peart is no longer with us. Without him, there will never be Rush again. 

Thankfully, Rush has left us with an incredible catalog of music to enjoy at any time. That is why Rush will be blasting through my Airpod Pros this afternoon and evening.

Monday Morning

Monday morning has arrived. Hal The Cat woke me up demanding attention, which I don’t mind at all. I slept well and feel good so far this morning. I’ve yet to get out of bed, but that will happen momentarily. 

I want to start a new routine this morning, or at least try to, that I can maintain going forward. Step one will be a shower to start my day and make me feel alive. 

I got a shower, and I feel much better. I wasn’t completely exhausted when I got out of the shower, but I did sit for a few minutes when I dried off.

This morning, the constant heartburn I had since xmas has gone away, and that is a huge relief. I was starting to get worried about it. Perhaps the heartburn was part of the blah feeling I had for several days. I’m glad to feel better. 

Hal still wants to visit the new apartment community today, so I’m ready to take him once he is prepared. He is now on the phone with our current apartment complex regarding a plumbing leak—just another example of why we are moving. We are leaving here in March. 

I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the other end of Hal’s phone call. He is tearing a new asshole in the person he is talking to on the phone. When Hal gets started, it’s best to stay out of his way. 

Thankfully, right after Hal got off the phone, the new apartment manager called to let him know that their office is closed this week, so we have saved a trip down there this morning. Now the only trip is my doctor’s visit this afternoon. There is no other place that we need to go to today. It looks like I got showered and dressed for no reason this morning.