Sunday Night

I’m getting ready for bed here. First, I must wait for my blood sugar levels to stabilize to make sure they won’t plummet overnight. I hate waking up in a panic, realizing that my blood sugar is too low, and then struggling to get it back under control again. 

I’ve had a great day, still weak but getting more robust, and my endurance is increasing while the vertigo isn’t as bad provided I move slowly and carefully. Hal has done a fantastic job supervising my recovery and controlling my expectations at the same time. My breathing has stayed under control, but I must handle my temper because when I let myself get upset, my breathing does become more difficult. 

As long as I can remain calm and control my temper, I should be fine. My blood sugar is still high but slowly coming down after taking insulin. I’ll be awake for a while longer until the blood sugar levels drop to the expected range. 

I have the last visit in my first round of follow-up doctor visits tomorrow, and I hope that there will be more good news. I don’t expect any trouble. Hal also wants to see the new apartment tomorrow, if possible, to drive quite a bit through the day. I don’t mind doing these things because it proves my recovery is proceeding nicely. 

My blood sugar is being rather stubborn this evening. I suspect this is due to some of the new medicine I’m taking. The doctors warned that something like this might happen, so I’m not overly concerned, just cautious.

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