Feeling Much Better

It is  0330 on Saturday morning, and I woke up from a wonderfully relaxing sleep, much better than last night. I wanted at least to start this blog post on a positive note. I already am feeling so much more alive than I did all day yesterday.

I am so thankful to feel better today. Yesterday was what I would classify as a relapse. I had zero energy and felt terrible all day long. I started to doubt my recovery, even though I knew that there would be days like yesterday along the way. 

I will try to venture out today if possible. Hal will be here until maintenance shows up to fix a leak under the bathroom sink that started last night. If we are lucky, maintenance will get here early in the morning to repair the leak. We are leaving here in March, and that cannot get here soon enough for us. This apartment was what we thought we needed at the time, now that time has passed. 

The bed feels so damn comfortable right now that I can not imagine ever wanting to get up and out of bed at all. I will have to visit the bathroom in a while, but I want to lay here as long as I can first. 

I slept more and finally woke up at 0630 to find Hal checking me out to see if I was okay. I am so lucky that he has been a part of my life for the last 21 years. I feel much better and more energetic this morning. I hope this trend continues.

I haven’t decided on a music playlist for today yet. Who knows what I might come up with for today? There are so many options available to me to choose from, but I’m in no rush. 

I finally crawled out of bed, even the I was so comfortable that I didn’t want to leave. I’ll get some breakfast in a little while, but for now, I’m curled up in a chair wrapped in blankets. My other priority is to get a shower sometime. I’ve chosen my playlist. The Cure will accompany me throughout the day as I deliberately tune out the infoporn news and stupid people talking on tv like they know me, trying to tell me what to think. I prefer the beauty of music every time. 

I will find something to write about later. Until then I hope that everyone will have a great day.