A “New” Hobby?

An interesting question I found in my Journaling Guide book for today. What is a new hobby I want to try? I suppose that if I’m honest,  I would have to answer that there is a hobby that I’ve let slip, but it is one that I want to get back into, and that is playing guitar. 

I’ve been so sick and under the weather for so long that my guitar playing has stopped. When I think about it, a pandemic that has me at home would seem to be the perfect opportunity for playing, but illness and exhaustion won out every time. 

It feels like I’ve let myself down, but that isn’t the case. I need to keep getting stronger and then take the time to pick up the guitar and start practicing again. That is the only way I can get myself back into the playing routine once again. I’ll never become proficient if I don’t practice.

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