Comfortably Numb

Sometimes, music puts everything into focus with my world. On this Xmas even, I’m sitting here with my Airpod Pros tucked in my ears listening to a long playlist from Pink Floyd. I can’t think of a better way to stay quiet and not wake Hal than just losing myself in the music. 

I have always admired the musicianship and talent that Pink Floyd displayed throughout their career. I think that the highest compliment ever paid to Pink Floyd was that they clearly understood their music’s intricacies. Pink Floyd songs are beautifully arranged, by they are not over-produced, nor do they seem cluttered. Pink Floyd clearly understood that the space between the notes was just as important as the notes themselves. 

Listen to Pink Floyd and recognize the enormous amount of silence that they incorporate into their arrangements. The melodies are clean and clearly defined. Everything compliments the piece perfectly. 

These extraordinary musicians can take my mind on beautiful journeys that refresh my soul. Well done, Pink Floyd.

Peace and Quiet

There is absolutely nothing going on here this Xmas eve. I was so tired that I took a nap earlier in the evening. I woke up feeling somewhat refreshed but still sleepy. I’m not sure how long I will try to stay awake, but with nothing to watch on tv, motivation to stay awake is lacking. 

My blood glucose levels are acceptable right now. I’m probably suffering from phantom hunger. That is, I think I’m hungry when I’m physically not hungry at all. I find my wishing that Hal was awake, but he has done so much for me that he deserves to have some rest of his own. 

If I were still a child, I would be intently focused on Santas arrival later tonight. Without that belief, I accept the quiet and enjoy the peaceful vibes around me.

A “New” Hobby?

An interesting question I found in my Journaling Guide book for today. What is a new hobby I want to try? I suppose that if I’m honest,  I would have to answer that there is a hobby that I’ve let slip, but it is one that I want to get back into, and that is playing guitar. 

I’ve been so sick and under the weather for so long that my guitar playing has stopped. When I think about it, a pandemic that has me at home would seem to be the perfect opportunity for playing, but illness and exhaustion won out every time. 

It feels like I’ve let myself down, but that isn’t the case. I need to keep getting stronger and then take the time to pick up the guitar and start practicing again. That is the only way I can get myself back into the playing routine once again. I’ll never become proficient if I don’t practice.

24 DEC 20

Today I want to get one thing done successfully, and that is a trip to the grocery store. I’ve spent too much time and money on ordering food since I got home. I need to stock up the refrigerator and start cooking again. After all, my food is the best in the world, so why not enjoy it?

I have a relatively long cut complete shopping list all set. The biggest drawback is that I can’t get a curbside pick up for the items until Saturday. Not being able to use curbside pickup means I’ll have to venture inside the store today to find and purchase all the things on my list. Once Hal is awake, we’ll make plans to get to the store as soon as possible. 

Hal took one look at the grocery list and immediately started removing items from it. I agree with his decision and won’t argue. The main thing is to get to the store, grab the items we need, and get out of there. 

Another aspect of the day is to make sure that I am proofreading my blog as I compose these entries. Grammarly helps me to accomplish this without too much trouble. I have no excuse other than laziness for stupid spelling and grammar mistakes from now on.