Frozen Pizza

Pizza is one of those foods that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. The temptation is always present to order a pizza to be delivered. There are times when I refuse to pay the ever-increasing cost for pizza delivery. I understand the pandemic. I know that the restaurant still wants to make money. 

Therefore, we will often grab a frozen pizza at the local grocery store because it is so much cheaper that way and we can have the pizza when we want it. It also helps that we can choose from pizza that we can not have delivered due to our location. Today we picked up 2 California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizzas. 

The nearest CPK restaurant to us is over 50 miles away near DC and that is too far to travel even if there were no pandemic. Being able to enjoy one of their frozen pizzas straight out of our oven is fantastic. 

Pizza – it’s what’s for dinner.

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