Expecting Professional Behavior

There are times and places where you expect a certain amount of professionalism to exist. A physician’s office certainly qualifies as one of those places. Sadly, today encountered one of those places that sorely lacked any level of professionalism. 

 I  arrived to find out that my appointment had been moved without my knowledge or consent. Luckily I drove for the first time today. If I had taken Lyft or Uber, I would have been stuck outside the office unable to enter. 

I also had a “phone message” from that office late Monday afternoon. I was unable to get to the phone to answer. The message asked me to call the office back. Within 5 minutes I tried to call back. I was put on automatic hold for nearly 30 minutes before the staff left for the day and the call was forwarded to an after-hours answering service who had no idea why the office had called me in the first place. 

When I told the doctor these things, I swear he put his head in his hands like this was nothing new. I blame the office manager for the disastrous mixups, not the doctor. It goes to show that he need to be held accountable for their actions, and for an expectation of professionalism.

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