Blog vs. Twitter

Recently, I wrote a short note about moving away from Twitter in favor of concentrating on my blog. After several days, I have found that I don’t miss Twitter at all.

I was split my efforts between the blog and Twitter and not getting any real satisfaction from either platform. It became apparent to me that I had to choose. I chose my blog, and I made the right choice.

I wasted too much time and effort trying to gender interest in my Twitter account to no avail. I was a follower; no one responded to my statements on Twitter. I was lucky to get any acknowledgment at all that I even existed there. I realized that I just am not cut out for Twitter.

I wasn’t upset when I realized that I wasn’t going to remain active on Twitter. I didn’t and won’t pull any grand manifesto explaining my disappearance. I just stopped posting, checking my feed, and responding to what other people stationed there. The separation was painless. I’m now free to focus exclusively on my writing. I hope that some will find it entertaining and enlightening.

Bev I can be impetuous, I just deleted Twitter from my iPhone, and that temptation has gone away.

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