Holidays and Isolation

People often write and talk about how difficult the holiday season can be because of the stark contrast between the idyllic perfect life people long for, and the less appealing reality. This contrast causes depression for so many people, and it is sad to think about but we can not afford to ignore it. 

Every person is valuable and deserves to be treated as such. There is no such thing as an “illegal person”. When someone is hurting that should trigger an emotional response from each of us. I sincerely believe that people will help unless they fear the reaction of others. 

This is the conflict we face. We want to help, but we are conditioned to go along with the group unless something inside of us just snaps and calls out for justice and action.


Recently, I decided to leave Twitter behind for a while, perhaps for good this time, because I was tired of a social media platform that had become nothing no than a platform for self-promotion and self-adulation. I know that I long for interaction with people from all over the world. 

Therefore I have turned my attention exclusively to my blog and to blogs I follow from other people. Perhaps I’ll find who I’m looking for, perhaps not, but it will be a new adventure. I’m looking forward to this.