Solstice – The Longest Night

Today we survived the longest night of the year, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere. We have reached the depth of darkness, the start of Winter, the Solstice.

2020 has been a year that I’m sure most of us would much rather forget. COVID-19, Nazis in the White House trying to destroy our nation, endless election cycles. It seemed that no matter what direction we turned that there was some awful event, seemingly urging us to just push the red button to blow everything up and try again once the radioactive rubble stopped glowing.

But a strange thing happened. We made it through. I know that there is technically another 10 days to get through, but we have just endured the longest night and the sun has risen.

It gives me hope that we can correct all of the other problems we are facing if we pit our minds to them.

Remember that for the next 6 months,we will get a little more light each day, the darkness will recede until then. Unfortunately, the seasons will keep on turning but never again let us fear the longest night.

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