Today was both good and bad for me. My recovery continues slowly, much more slowly than I would like, but I’m still making progress each day. Today, the progress in terms of exercise, steps, and endurance, was offset by the return of vertigo caused by some residual bowel blockage that I had to deal with.

I know what caused the issue with my bowels and that was the terrible diet I was on for more than two weeks in the hospital recently. I was never able to get enough nourishment from the awful “food” I had each day.

At any rate, my step count didn’t go as high as I wanted today. I was hoping to approach 1000 steps, but I will end the day between 709-800 or so. Still a good total for just four days out of a long hospital stay, but I can do better. Tomorrow is another opportunity for me to improve on today’s total and move the bar even higher for the future.

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