Time to Cook? – From Evernote

I’ve been home from the hospital since Wednesday afternoon. In this time, I’ve been held out of the kitchen by Hal, prevented from doing almost anything on my own, and forbidden to leave the apartment. Hal is doing these things for my own good, I know it. But still, I feel as if I’m taking advantage of him. I know that he doesn’t want me getting sick again, and that is his main concern.

Hal took an Uber to the store this morning, so I used that time to sneak into the kitchen. All I did was remove 4 frozen pork chops from the freezer and set them in a container for thawing overnight. When Hal came home and saw them, it was like he was the prison warden finding an escape tunnel being dug under his nose! He wasn’t mad, but t I was questioned at length about what I had done, and what my plans were.

I told him that I have no other plans for those pork chops other than for them to thaw out. Tonight or tomorrow morning, I will make up some marinate sauce to let them soak, but again I won’t actually be cooking them. I will let Hal cook those marinated pork chops tomorrow afternoon or evening. Nothing major, 10 minutes per side for National they are all done. It won’t take more than an hour for Hal to cook them, and the only effort is turning them over every 10 minutes.

I’m not going to do anything to ruin what Hal is doing for me. He has shown me such love, and I want to repay him in kind. I won’t violate his trust in me, nor will I abuse that trust. I want him to remain in charge of things because his head is clear. He doesn’t face any pressure to get something done to please anyone else. His motives are pure. I must keep mine that way as well.


The weekend is here at last. At least I think it is the weekend, but I haven’t left the apartment since coming home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. Time tends to lose its meaning and its impact without something to really measure it against. Because Hal is totally in charge of my recovery, he determines what I can and can’t do, obviously where I can and can’t go is covered as well.

I suppose I’m at around 30% of normal, and that level drops rapidly as my energy wanes through the day. It is annoying to get exhausted so quickly, but when it happens I then realize that Hal is right to severely restrict my activities the way he has. I don’t need to be out driving and then lose most of my energy and focus so rapidly.

The new iPhone arrived late Friday, and it is awesome! I’m grateful to T-Mobile for it , but I sincerely hope that I won’t need it in the hospital anytime soon. I’m just so over hospitals right now and want to avoid them at all costs for as long as possible. There are other things to occupy my time, such as a long list of follow-up visits with my PCP and specialists. Then there will be returning to work once I am medically cleared, and then we will be moving to the new apartment in March. There is no shortage of things to keep us busy, so Hal is very smart to pace me now in the initial phase of the recovery.

With luck, I’ll be allowed to venture outside on Saturday. Perhaps I’ll start the car and let the engine run for a minute or two. I wouldn’t dare try to move the car unless Hal is with me. That remains to be seen. My desire to push ahead with my recovery no longer matters. Miscalculation has gotten me into trouble before on this.