A Plan For Thursday

Sleep never returned to me during the night. There were a few scuffles between Hal The Cat and his brother Jax The Cat over who would sleep next to me, and honestly that didn’t help me much. Hal The Cat eventually won the battle, but I was spent from the exhaustion involved.

Instead of worrying about things, I decided to focus my energies on making up a shopping list for later this morning since there is a trip to the pharmacy as well that we’ll have to make. I want to get ingredients for omelettes as well as a few drinks while we’re at the store/pharmacy.

I also found a nice gift that I hope Hal will like for next week. I can never make up for the gift of life he gave me by telling the hospital to take the necessary steps to save my life almost two weeks ago. I have to do something, and I hope it is a great surprise to him and that he likes it.

Perhaps while we’re out, we’ll drive by the new apartment we’ll move to in March. Hal can get out and have a look around the place. We had decided to move from this place even before my last health scare, and I can’t wait. I know that we’ll be happy wherever we live, and the new place appeals to both of us.

Once that round of necessary errands is over, I predict a quiet rest of the day spent here at home. I will focus my energy on recovery and preventing another health problem as best I can.

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