One of the main reasons I wanted to get home on Tuesday rather than Wednesday was the very real possibility of bad weather on Wednesday morning.Now, there’s no choice left. I’ve got to deal with whatever Mother Nature has to throw at me tomorrow morning regardless of the situation.

If the day starts out shitty on the roads, things will only get worse as the day drags on. Sadly, I cannot control any of that now.

As things stand at 0300, I’ve woken up and my BG is normal. The weather remains clear, at least for now but the storm is rapidly approaching from the southwest. Precipitation should start here within the next 2-3 hours although it could be all rain here in Richmond. Further north the snow will begin as we approach Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg. The dividing line between rain and snow is always hard to predict.

I hope that Hal and I will at least get a decent Uber driver who has a good vehicle for our trip. The absolute last thing I want is a troublesome trip home later today.

I’m not really sure how I’m going to react when I get home today. It will be the first time I’ve been in the apartment since November. It will be the first time I’ve seen The Stooges since November. These are adjustments that I have to recognize and plan for when I get to the apartment door. Everything will be familiar and strange at the same time for me. I’ll have to try and control a surge of emotions as I adjust to things.

I am looking forward to the challenge because I’m just emotionally exhausted from being in the hospital for such a long time.