Let Down

I’m officially screwed again. The people here at the hospital fucked around for so long that I can’t leave tonight. Instead, I’m stuck here until around 1100 tomorrow morning at the earliest. At least according to the latest schedule of how to guck my life over.

Actually, I was expecting to leave here tomorrow until they dangled the promise of leaving today in front of me. I should know by now that it was too good to be true, but like a fool, I fell for the lies and now am disappointed once again. I never learn that people’s promises are shit, nothing more than that.

Change my perspective – From Day One App

Too often, we let events and outside influence cloud our judgement about life as it happens all around us without caring about those outside influences. I’ve decided to write in order to document this phenomenon as best as I can.

This old photo is a great example of what I’m talking about. Hal and Jax are not worried about anything but the moment as they shared the chair when I snapped the picture. This is is the approach I want to use going forward with my life. Life is wonderful, even better when shared with someone else, and important enough to focus on simply living in the moment.

I can learn quite a lot from these two characters if I let go of the preconceived notions about being superior to them.

I need to spend more time being observant and grateful in my life.

Optimism – From Day One App

I just got some awesome news. The doctors want to remove the drainage tubes today, and there is the possibility that I can actually go home today!!! Actually, that last part is not definite yet.

I’ve been ordered to remain in bed until the doctor comes back with the necessary equipment to perform the tube removal. I called Hal and let him know so he can travel down here later today in case I am released to go home.

I feel a million times better right now, although the pain from the drainage tubes is still present. If the worst case scenario happens, I still should get out of here tomorrow morning, bu nothing can compare to the opportunity to go home today!

Biopsy Pain

It is Tuesday morning, early Tuesday morning, and I’m awake after a short nap as I deal with pain from the biopsy surgery I underwent yesterday afternoon. The procedure was painless, at least at the time, but now I am in agony as the healing process begins. I can barely move on my left side because my sternum is so sore.

I hope that this situation is temporary but I will survive and make it through and get out of here. Once the drainage tubes are removed, the healing should accelerate. With luck, I can go home tomorrow (Wednesday) if the healing works as planned.

I have endured a lot through the fall of 2020. Multiple hospital stays interspersed with periods at home getting sicker between hospital stays. I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, to put things simply. Things have to get better soon, right??