A Question About Our Leaders – From Evernote

I was watching TV this morning and I was drawn to a story about the mental competences that affect some of our leaders. This is almost exclusively related to the age of a Representative or Senator, regardless of their political parties. The Senator implicated is Senator Feinstein from California. Regardless of the gender or political affiliation of the Senator or Representative, this blindness towards what we would call Alzheimer’s has to stop. We cannot keep handing the keys to the nation to Grandma or Grandpa any more than we would allow them to have the car keys to drive on the roads.

The answer is probably a tie-in between term-limits and age limits. Some people age differently than others. IF a person serves in Congress for 18 years (9x HR or 3x Sen) they should then be required to walk away regardless of their age. Likewise, once a Rep or Senator reaches the federal retirement age, they should then be required to give up their seat at the next election, and anyone following them should not be allowed to run if their eligibility will be impacted by the other guidelines already mentioned.

If someone wants to run for Senate at the age of 62, and the retirement age is 67, they should be disqualified because they will have reached the mandated retirement age before the end of their projected term. This applies whether they have already been in Congress or not.

Age does not always equal wisdom. It is too dangerous for us to continue to keep doing business the old-fashioned way.

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