Small Steps =Big Progress from Evernote

They always say that the biggest journeys in life begins with a single step. I feel like I have taken that first step today here in the hospital.

I was talking with one of the nurses about technology, and the subject of the human body came up. I announced that I was going to the bathroom. Not that I needed to go, but that I WAS GOING. This surprised the nurse because I’m not supposed to be able to go on my feet without help for a few days.

I had to put on my crotchety old man act as I rose up from the hospital bed and began the short, but for me, monumental trip. I put on a brave face and ignored the pain in my lower back (cased by all the laying down), and I made it to the bathroom without assistance.

The elder nurse looked at me as I emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later. She congratulated me on my display of mind over matter. She knew that I was capable of doing what I had done, but she let me steal the show so I would feel better about myself.

With a smirk, she asked “And how does your lower back feel after your adventure?” I laughed and told her I wanted morphine. She knew and understood what I was going through, and she laughed with me.

The biggest journey meets the smallest step.

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