No End In Sight -From Evernote

I’m in the hospital again. I’ve given up hope of ever leading a “normal” life again. Since August of 2020, I’ve spent at 1-2 weeks each month in the hospital. My job even requested that I take short term disability away from work and I’ve submitted that paperwork for processing.

The initial plan was to submit a plan to take me into January, but that seems overly optimistic now. I will request an extension once things are approved and base the length of the request upon what the doctors tell me we the time.

This has been a scary time for me. Not knowing what tomorrow has in store has really made me evaluate my life over and over again. Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with any real answers yet, but I keep on searching because I know that the answer is out there.

I have to face the facts that I might not get the answers I want. Like so many searchers, it is important to know when you have reached the end of your search and aren’t trying to bend reality to fit your view of what you want, rather than what we’re looking for in the first place.

So, I’ll keep this journey going, but with an open mind about things, and see where that leads me.

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