Where to Start?

Today is the 8th day of December, and that t has been a while since I last posted anything. Unfortunately, things have been busy in the meantime.

On Monday, November 20 I was admitted to the hospital once again for respiratory problems. My blood oxygen level has dropped into the 80s, and that was enough of the warning sign that Hal called the ambulance for me.

I went to our local hospital first and overnight I took a turn for the worse. My blood oxygen levels dropped and since I was unconscious, Hal had me placed into a medically induced coma so I could be transported to a more advanced hospital closer to Richmond. The nightmare of that come timeframe would make a tremendous horror fantasy story all by itself.

I had my Surface Pro laptop with me, so blogging was going to be easy, or so I thought. I don’t remember what happened to alert the doctors to advise hal to put me into a coma, butcher it must have been serious. It might have been my kidney functions, which had been under very close scrutiny ever since my first hospital stay back in August.

Hal immediately agreed to put me into the medically induced coma, and that meant heavy sedation and intubation, yes that is a even more nasty than it sounds. A tube was forced down my throat and into my lungs to keep me breathing. The worst part was the hallucinations that I had during that time. The only one I can talk about, because it was the least painful to relive involved something that happened to Hal and in back in 2002.

Hal and I were involved in a minor car accident. Neither of us were hurt. I relived that episode during my coma , but in that dream state, the accident was serious and I could see Hal crushed in the car next to me and I could see from his injuries that he was dying. I was trapped but frantically trying to get to him. All the time there was a voice telling me “This is a dream, it isn’t real. Please stop struggling.” It was about this time that I was fully restrained and was still thrashing and fighting the doctors and their restraints. I was in a straight jacket and still fighting like a madman to get out of the constraints.

After nearly three days of scenes like this, I was finally revived from my coma at the new hospital. This led to the adventure of regaining consciousness gradually without food or water. The tube was removed and that was another unpleasant experience. I wasn’t able to eat until Sunday as the full scale dialysis continued.

On Sunday I was finally allowed to eat, but only small amounts of soft food. This was still more than enough to start a massively painful case of constipation that lasted until Monday. On Monday, I finally made it through the constipation and h BG Egan to more fully recover.

Tuesday was the first day I really felt better and stronger. Apparently, my kidneys were on the verge of failure and that explained the treatments I received. There is also the issue with fluid in my lungs, but a biopsy will have to be done on that once i regain my full strength.

I was moved out of the ICU on Tuesday to a regular room so I can continue with my recovery. That is what’s been happening in my life this last week. I hope everyone else has had better luck.