Journaling (from Evernote)

As I start a new Evernote notebook, it only makes sense to record my observations about how well Evernote works as a Journaling tool for my life. This is not the first time I’ve tried this approach, but I hope to draw some useful lessons this time.

One advantage for Evernote is that it is compatible with all of the platforms I use. This is especially important to me at times like this, when I’m in the hospital and attempting to connect to less than reliable networks. Waiting for my Surface Pro to configure its network settings takes forever, or do it seems, but I can still make updates to my notebook via my iPhone without difficulty.

The Surface Pro is certainly taking its own sweet time to update. There’s nothing I can do except to wait for it to complete all of its updates before attempting to use Evernote on there. Even though the Surface Pro says “do not turn off”, I’m thinking that something is hung up and it needs a reboot. Sadly, it won’t shutdown at this time. I might have to wait for the battery to drain completely before I can try a restart.

Eventually, I had to restart theSurface Pro. It had locked itself up and was not responding. Once it completed its reboot, it cam back on without incident. The next adventure was turning on thehot spot from my iPhone to connect to the internet. Now that is done, I am up and running and ready to test this thing out.

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