Hospital (from Evernote)

I’m becoming quite the expert when it comes to my local hospital. I’ve certainly spent enough time here, and today is no exception.

I have been in the hospital here five times since Labor Day. The doctors are still trying to determine what exactly is wrong with my lungs. I used to smoke, and that certainly has a lot to do with my problem, but I quit over five years ago the problems only started this summer.

Last night I was home and doing well, or so I thought. Suddenly, my breathing became labored, and slowly deteriorated. I knew that trouble was brewing and I started taking oxygen and measuring my blood oxygen levels. Sure enough, the levels were dropping and I wasn’t able to bring them back up.

At this point, I asked Hal to call an ambulance to get me to the hospital. I was in the Emergency Room for approximately five hours until a room was ready for me. At last I wasn’t in the Emergency Room all night.

I got to the room and met with the doctor on call. Luckily, he is a doctor who has seen me here before and was familiar with my condition. This made the encounter much easier to deal with. I feel confident that he will take the proper steps to get things rolling later today.

I expect to be here in the hospital for the rest of the week. This is the typical pattern I have gone through over the last 3 months. I don’t see things changing now. I am so used to this scenario now that it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

The next thing I have to look forward to is breakfast once they come around to let me place my order. Getting my med routine back into swing will be the obstacle I have to overcome as the day moves along, in addition to getting more sleep.

More to follow.

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