Feeling Good

I’m happy to report that I’m sleeping better. Although I woke up several times last night to find my BG levels dropping, I recovered and was able to get back to sleep.

This morning we’re preparing for a visit to the grocery store. Hal will go in and shop while I have the things I need delivered to the car since I’ve already ordered them. I just cannot bring myself to knowingly walk into any enclosed space with lots of other people since I don’t know if they might be sick or not. I’m recovering well from pneumonia, but I won’t be stupid and take unnecessary chances either.

My plan is to prepare some chicken breasts for dinner this evening, as well as some homemade mashed potatoes and a green bean casserole. Hal can pick out ingredients for a nice salad and we can open a bottle of wine for dinner as well.

I’ve stuck with the decision to self-isolate since leaving the hospital without any real difficulty. There are occasions when I think that I miss going to the store, but all I have to do is to remember sitting in the grocery store parking lot struggling to breathe as the last pneumonia attack nailed me. I can’t say for certain that being in the store somehow triggered the attack, but why take that chance?

I prefer to be outside, especially with Hal. I’m working on my endurance so I can take long walks again. That will be a gradual process, and there’s no rush for me. Recovering from pneumonia is a long-term effort and has to be taken in manageable steps if I’m to succeed.

Regardless of what happens today, I’m very lucky. I have Hal and The Stooges. I wasn’t killed by the pneumonia. I still have my love for music. I still have my love for writing.

This is going to be a great day.