Chaotic Resolve Journey – 13 NOV 20

The daily prompt for today asks me to define “Peace” on my own terms. Not something I was really prepared for, but a challenge is a challenge.

“Peace” is more than the absence of conflict. It is a way of seeing the world as well as ourselves. Peace has to start from within, it can’t be projected outward if it is absent internally.

Learning to love and accept love is what I consider the first step towards peace. It is like preparing a field for planting. Things have to be prepared in order for the desired results to occur. Like so many people, I learned how to give love, but not as much about how to accept it from someone else.

Once that happens, peace can begin to grow within us. It must be nurtured, because it is fragile and delicate. Peace can be incredibly strong, but only after years of struggle. It has to grow its own thick skin to survive and prosper.

Peace is something we demonstrate to others around us. Peace is something we strive to achieve. Peace is the goal that is worth sacrifice. Peace comes from within so we can share it with the world.