Tuesday update

As I prepare to start Tuesday here at home, there are several things that I want to take care of. First of all, I want to walk this morning for exercise. I’m going to try and get back into shape as safely as possible. I’m going to browse for some new comfortable walking shoes later today. I don’t have a lot to spend, but I do want to take care of my feet.

I am not working today because I’m fighting the system to get approval for short-term disability. If I go back to work now, I’ll look be surrendering my chances to qualify for short-term disability unless I am hospitalized again. I definitely don’t want that. Therefore, I’m not returning to work this week as I go through o all of my follow-up medical appointments. I’ll submit all the paperwork after those visits and hope for the best.

I don’t miss work yet. I’m not sure when I will, honestly. I just know that I do need time to recover from all that I’ve gone through recently. I also know that work stress doesn’t help at all.

I decided against shopping for shoes today because that would violate my deliberate plan to avoid crowds of people. I can always order some shoes online and return them if they don’t work out for me. I just want some comfortable hiking shoes so I can start exercising again.

One last thing that is sort of related involves our new method for getting groceries. Placing an order and then picking things up curbside at the store is working out better than planned because it makes us plan more deliberately for what we need rather than just run into the store without a clue. Definitely a win for us.

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I wrote about the most negative relationship in my life back in January in response to a prompt from my writing book. The entry is here:


Nothing has changed since I wrote that entry, at least as far as the relationship is concerned. I’ve been in the hospital, gravely I’ll with pneumonia, but I never reached out to my extended “family” because I still don’t trust them at all. We’re simply hard-wired to not get along and I still accept that without remorse or guilt on my part.

We’ll live our lives as strangers because what has been this broken isn’t worth trying to rebuild. I’m extremely happy with my life and I wish them nothing but the best. We will just not cross paths ever again.

Unconditional Love

I was awake again this morning and Jax The Cat decided to show up and keep me company. He settled down between my knees, and as I started typing on this blog post, he started purring and talking to me.

I wonder how pets feel about their parents, but seems like Jax is very happy with things as they are. I wish there was more of this unconditional love in the world.