My old friend Insomnia has decided to pay me a visit tonight. I suppose that Insomnia must realize how lonely I am right now, but this visit isn’t really helpful. It does give me time to think as I air here surrounded by silence. The only noise is from the gurgling water in the moisturizing bottle attached to my oxygen tubing, placed there in the pointless effort to keep my nose from completely drying out.

If I had the slightest indication that I could sleep. I’d be in bed right now. Instead, I’m sitting in the chair composing this blog entry, knowing that one of the nurses will be here to poke and prod me in less than 30 minutes, so I might as well stay up a while longer.

Time has no meaning for me here. While not exactly a prisoner, the analogy isn’t that far from the truth. I will not turn on the TV because I value my sanity and I won’t watch any of the election bullshit that is still going on.

I find that writing is much more rewarding than watching TV at any time. I feel compelled to write, I never feel compelled to watch TV.

I do hope that my old friend Insomnia is ready to leave me soon.

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