Gut Punch

Hal just left after his daily visit to my hospital room. Each visit is wonderful, but each time he leaves is like a punch to the gut because it hurts so badly saying goodbye. Hal returns home to The Stooges and normalcy, while I have to prepare for another lonely night by myself.

It really doesn’t seem fair at all. But I’m still stuck here waiting to finally learn what is wrong with me, with no end in sight.

Thursday will mark the 1-week mark for this hospital stay. There’s no end date in sight yet, so I have to fight to keep my spirits up.

One thought on “Gut Punch

  1. Here’s hoping that you will soon find out what is wrong. Hospitals are lonely places. Think about the time you have with Hal as you go to sleep. Here’s sending you virtual hugs and positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

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