I did my part. I voted

To preserve my own sanity, I’m not watching the election results on TV. I voted early. I voted to resist the Nazi in the White House. I sacrificed my own core political beliefs to what I assumed was the common good.

I saw the race tightening when that should never have happened. I saw my social media explode with people worried that we’ll see a repeat of the 2016 disaster. I had to let all of that turbulence flow past me. I did my part

Whenever the final results are known, we will either have a new POTUS, or we will still have the Nazi in the White House. I did my part. I voted.

I’m tired of the BULLSHIT FREAK SHOW we go through every 4 years in order to elect a POTUS. Instead, we get a piss poor junior high popularity contest with both candidates nominated as jokes! But, I did my part. I voted.

In 2024, I will be voting according to MY priorities, and not some prepackaged bundle of shit developed by the Democrats. The republiKKKan party will NEVER get my vote.

I still hope my vote mattered this time, but I’m done. I did my part. I voted.