Monday and more tests

This morning I had a bronchial scope exam on my lungs. The preparation was the worst part. I couldn’t eat or drink for nearly 12 hours prior to the event, and that made for an extremely uncomfortable night. Of course, the “first thing in the morning “ schedule immediately slid to the left by more than four hours, prolonging the discomfort. My BG levels were dropping the entire time but the staff were aware and there was nothing I could do. Feeling helpless was an uncomfortable position to be put in.

I spent the time waiting by starting this blog post, and texting Hal. The morning has started clear and very cold here. My watch indicated that the temperature was just above freezing this morning. I haven’t been outside since last Thursday, so I’m sure the conditions would be quite a shock for me.

I deliberately built an outline for this blog post because I knew that I would be in and out of consciousness today. Actually, building an outline is a good idea for any blog post. It gives me a roadmap to follow that guides me through the process. I’ll try to follow this approach more often.

Bronchial tube

The actual procedure was about what the staff prepared me for. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until nearly 1400 that the procedure took place. I was starving and dehydrated, but when they sedated me, I never noticed the tube going in at all. For that, I’m grateful. I got back to the room around 1600 and had something to drink.

The recovery took awhile because it had been nearly 18 hours since I ate anything. The nutrition people will have to get my dinner order soon so I can eat on-time this evening. As if on cue, the wonderful young lady arrived and took my dinner order, as well as breakfast for tomorrow morning. Hal is on his way for a shortened visit, and I’m glad to report that I’m feeling much better.