November 1st

November is here. I’m greeting the new month from my hospital bed, hopeful that this month will see my pneumonia eradicated so I can go home again. That’s asking for quite a bit, but I want to look forward to something meaningful and positive.

The morning visit from the doctor seems to indicate that I’m getting better. He didn’t say anything about how much longer I’ll be here, but after what I’ve been through I would rather get everything completely resolved before going home this time.

After I do get home, it will be time to start making Thanksgiving plans. Hal and I are definitely staying at home. I am leaning toward having salmon for Thanksgiving dinner. I never have any luck cooking a turkey, and it’s too much effort to go through just to have it fail, and be left with nothing.

The new routine at home will be even more restrictive than what we already had. I want to limit my exposure to other people as my system recovers from this second bout with pneumonia. I will cut back on ordering out, and try to cook more at home. I’ll take Hal to wherever he needs to go, but I’ll probably wait for him in the car rather than venture into places. I’ve had my flu shot, but I still want no part of being around strangers if I can avoid them.

As far as work is concerned, I think that the best option is to take time off. I’ll have to work through the company regarding short term disability in order to get some rest. Even though I work from home, I don’t want that extra burden wearing me down as I am trying to recover and get well.

I think that the hardest thing to do, or rather not do, is to reach out via text to people who don’t respond to the last message I sent them. At a time like this, being ignored or rejected hurts more than you can imagine. My texting has rapidly diminished since the first hospital visit just before Labor Day. When some of them fail to respond after 48 hours, it’s time to remove them from any further contact, because they just showed their true level of interest and alleged friendship. On the bright side, it simplifies keeping track of my texts overall.

That’s what my world looks like this first day of November. I hope everyone else is having a better time.