Scary time

Halloween is upon us once again. Every fourth year like this one, I suspect that the Founding Fathers must have had a keen and weird sense of humor to subject us to the horror show we call “elections” so close to Halloween.

2020 has been a horror movie already. The last thing I want to deal with is constant advertising Ana so-called “news coverage” about the two total losers we have to choose from. The real horror is th money that cannot be found for healthcare and education and infrastructure can be overflowing to the assholes who are running for office.

Hospital again

I had to return to the hospital yesterday. I suffered another breathing problem in that I couldn’t overcome. I spent 20+ hours in ER because there were no rooms available at the time.

When a room did appear I was sent there, but when I coughed up some blood, I was quickly rushed into IVU where I’ll be spending Friday night. I might be in ICU for the weekend, no one seems to be making that decision yet.

To quote another blogger “It sucks getting old.” I know exactly how they feel. I hate to think that the rest of my life will be limited, but there’s nothing I can do about it, so worrying does me no good.

I’ll be here with plenty of time on my Hans this weekend. Time to ponder mortality and getting older.