Safe at Home

This is the time of year when Hal and I normally start to curtail our adventures and start preparing for winter at home, without as many trips out. At least, that is what happens in a normal year.

Obviously, 2020 has NOT been a normal year. Our semi-hibernation was interrupted only by a move to a new apartment that was arranged before COVID was even a thing we had heard of. For a short period, we weren’t sure we would be able to move due to the lockdown here in Virginia. The restrictions were eased before our move date arrived, so we did get to our new home safely.

Even without the strict lockdown rules in effect, we became hermits and recluses. With very few exceptions, we’ve limited our travels to the grocery store. When we needed anything else, we would arrange for curbside pickp, anything to avoid going into an enclosed crowded space.

So far, our plan has worked. Even though I’ve been hospitalized twice during August and September, the COVID-19 tests were always negative. I realize how lucky both Hal and I have been.

Now The time of year when we normally reduce our outside activities will seem just like every other day. Sadly, we both feel that this scenario will be with us for at least another year. Personally, I’m not sure when I’ll feel comfortable being without a mask. It will however, be a long time from now.

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