Scary Movies

I suppose that Serendipity must have provided me with the topic for today’s blog post. Scary Movies seems like a natural fit because of Halloween, as well as our endless election, which is also scary but not a movie.

The topic prompt asked me how s Ary movies make me feel? Well, honestly they almost never frighten me. I remember one instance in particular that involved a movie that everyone said was so scary.
The year was 1999 and I was on a Navy deployment overseas. Back in the day, ships had no available wifi or internet. We only got glimpses of what was happening back home from old magazines that arrived through the mail, or from infrequent phone calls home when we were in port somewhere.

The big news that summer was “The Blair Witch Project”, a movie that was released after we left the US. There were articles written about how truly terrifying it was in the magazines we received. It was hard to get any idea what we were missing, so it had to wait until I got back home.

Once again, back in the day, we had Blockbuster Video. I rented the Blair Witch Project and wasn’t sure what to expect. I found the movie ridiculous. Getting lost in the woods is understandable, but not knowing how to find your way out was unbelievable. I cannot remember how many times during that movie that the characters were near a stream or a brook. FOLLOW TRHE WATER, MORONS! Water will lead you to more water perhaps a lake or a river and there will be ROADS and PEOPLE there, you idiots.

I was impressed by someone actually making a movie with a camcorder, but that was it for me. I wasn't scared at all. Just another in the long line of scary movies that just didn't scare me in the least. I hate to be a Halloween buzzkill, but I can't pretend that there is something there when there isn't. Perhaps no movie has ever set the right mood to scare me? I have watched movies all my life and while there are some supposedly scary movies that I find interesting, there are others that just leave me cold. Any teen slasher movie pales in comparison to the original Halloween, that is the movie that brought me the closest to fear and being afraid.

What are some scary movies that really frightened you?