There is no god

I found my journal prompts book and decided it was time to use it again.

I became an Atheist as an adult after years of struggling to reconcile what I had been taught to believe as a child with the ever-changing world around me. There seems to be less love from religious people each and every single day.

Even as a Gay man I can’t use my own sexuality as an excuse for not believing in god. I’m fine with people disapproving of who I am, but that’s the limit to the influence they can have on my life.

You can’t read a newspaper or turn on the tv without more proof of how the message of religion has been turned into a tool of hatred. Traditional messages of religion have been bastardized into political talking points and ideological litmus tests to use as a means to oppress those who don’t agree with the cult.

I grew up in the 1970s. I remember religion and god as something that accompanied us through our lives as a guide, not as a cult. In the 1980s, I noticed a sinister phrase creeping into the vocabulary of believers. “Give yourself to Jesus” became a catchphrase that alarmed me. If I was created in god’s image and he was perfect, didn’t that also make me perfect?? Of course not, so there was one bug inconsistency with that approach.

If I was given free will as a gift from god, why should I refuse that gift so a person/s could take control of my life. Again this sounded like a cult to me.

I realized that the whole thing was nothing more than a way to take control of someone’s life.

I outgrew a need for belief that some mystical force was watching out for my every single move. I realized that the whole time this was just a means of reinforcing what I was taught and believes anyway.

Not better people as a result

I’ve seen too many people turn bitter and psychotic as the result of “being saved” by god. They almost always tear their lives apart to meet the demands of their new cult. Friends vanish and I am seen as nothing more than a potential new recruit in their eyes.

This is why I don’t believe in god.

Friday Night Lows

Last night was one of the worst BG nights I’ve had in a very long time. It seemed like every hour I was waking up with the awful feeling that my sugar was out of whack.

Every time I was correct. The glucose meter doesn’t lie. Then, I would spend up to 30 minutes attempting to get the sugar back to normal. And the cycle would repeat again in less than 2 hours.

Throughout each ordeal, my guardian was there with me. Hal The Cat wouldn’t leave my side and was loving me by rubbing against me as I struggled to recover. He has always been a talkative cat, and last night he kept talking to me, knowing I would respond and that would help me to recover more quickly by making me worry about things less.

Is there a person or pet that feels a need like this in your life??