Blogging vs Journaling

My Journal

Blogging and Journaling are two of my favorite things to occupy my time, and while they are similar in many ways, they are also vastly different.

My blog is directed outwards. It contains thoughts, experiences, and ideas that I want to share with the world. Not everything is sensible or serious, but life is like that. We all need to share with each other from time to time, or we’ll all go crazy.

I treasure the online friends who read and enjoy my blog. Interacting with them is a joy. It reinforces the desire to keep blogging and expands the areas I’m willing to share with others.

Journaling is directed inwards. My journal is, and will remain, intensely private. My journal is where I expound on my inner thoughts, hopes, dreams, and fears. I maintain my journal to keep a record of my growth as a person. I often start with stating a fear or obstacle that I want to overcome. I can be honest with myself when I write in my journal. Then, I plan out a way to deal with that obstacle, and finally, I write down what happens as I proceed along my planned path.

I never share my journal with anyone. It is my own private sanctuary from the outside world, and I prefer it that way.


One thing that an unexpected event like a hospital stay will force you to do is to carefully watch your money and finances. Since returning home on Sunday, Hal and I have made just one trip to the grocery store and we’ve only ordered delivery once. Both of those are very out of character for us over the summer.

I plan to cook more here at home, although I always say that. Cooking for two is the worst possible situation because there is inevitably too much food and we get tired of leftovers. It is nearly impossible to downsize the recipes to account for this contingency.

I plan to empty out the freezer of all the frozen dinners I have stashed away over the next few days in addition to making spaghetti. The next trip to the grocery store will see me add more frozen dinners to the freezer for the future.

When it comes to ordering meals, the prices are getting worse every day. They are steadily creeping up to the point that ordering delivery no longer is an option for us. The delivery services are going to go broke if prices keep rising.

All these things mean we’re watching our budgets more than ever. Saving money is important at all times, but now it’s even more critical to watch what we spend. We just have to be smart and we’ll get through this without major discomfort.

Staying home is the smart choice for us right now. For me it’s more of a medical necessity since I’m recovering from pneumonia. COVID-19 remains a real threat, and there’s no reason to take chances.