In Between Days

This week is full of what I like to call In Between Days (with thanks to The Cure for a great song). The time of year when the weather has turned colder overnight and in the morning, but still feels like Indian Summer in the afternoon. I never know whether or not to wear jeans and a sweater or shorts and a t-shirt.

The skies always seem exceptionally clear this time of year. The constant haze of Summer has gone, but the green color remains, at least for awhile longer. Some of the trees are beginning to show off their fall foliage, but this is still just the start of their beauty.

In a normal year, Halloween would mean lots of trick-or-treaters around the neighborhood. I suspect that this year will be much quieter due to COVID. We all wear masks everyday now, the magic is somehow gone for this year. With luck and some science applied, we will be out of this disaster by this time next year.

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