Everyone is the Same

As I sit here finishing off my breakfast with a cup of strawberry yogurt in my hospital bed, I know fortunate I am to have the health coverage that I do. At the same time I also recognize the blatant unfairness of a system that links healthcare benefits to employment status.

I have heard all of the arguments down through the years about how this system is allegedly “fair”, but those arguments have never convinced me. For many people, they have jobs, but healthcare benefits either aren’t provided, or those benefits are small and insignificant. For those who work independently, or are out of work the situation is critical because costs are driven by corporate greed and not by medical necessity. If there were valid medical reasons for the costs, other countries would have the same obscenely expensive health care that we do.

Most of the developed world sees healthcare as a right, but we still treat it as a privilege. This is morally wrong. No one should lack access to healthcare because of their employment or financial situations. We need to rid ourselves of the corrupt way of providing healthcare to the fortunate few and focus on providing this same level of excitement healthcare to everyone.

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