Back in the Hospital

I’m back in the hospital. Last night was pure agony. I couldn’t breathe and was constantly hyperventilating just trying to get some air into my lungs. Hal was with me the whole time, and eventually we both knew that it was time to call the ambulance at a little before midnight.

I spent most of the overnight hours in the emergency room. I’m sure this was due to a shortage of beds and waiting for one to become available. ER beds are definitely NOT the most comfortable beds in the world, so I didn’t get any sleep.

Im still here waiting to be taken to a room. At least everyone is very help and courteous. I jut had the COVID nasal swab and am waiting for the results before they send me to a room. Obviously, this is one test I hope I don’t pass. I haven’t taken any unnecessary risks since the pandemicbegan, so I hope that is good enough.

The worst part of this night is being without Hal and the Stooges. I messaged Hal and told him I love him, and to get some rest. I’ll contact him again later in the morning once I know what is going on here.

I finally got placed in a room at 0500. The COVID test was negative, and I’m very thankful for that. I called Hal and then I called work to let them know what is going on. Obviously, I won’t be at work for a few days. I’ll worry about other things later. Right now, I’m waiting to see the Cardiologist so afterwards I can finally get something to eat.

The Cardiologist is taking his/her sweet time getting here thi morning. It is 1000 and I’ve only had two small glasses of water and nothing at all to eat dine about 1900 last night. My mood is turning negative over this, but there’s not a lot I can do about it now.

The iPhone battery went low and I had to wait until late afternoon before Hal arrived with the charger. I had a test run late in the morning and finally had lunch at 1300. The food was delicious and I immediately felt better.

Hal got here at 1500, and he stayed until 1830 because he wanted to walk to the nearby grocery store and pick up some things before he called for his Uber ride home.

I’m relaxing now, at least as much as I can while being in a hospital, and hoping that the improvement continues tomorrow.